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Gold: (Poiema Poetry)

White Poems


Barbara Crooker: Selected Poems (FutureCycle Press), 2015

Small Rain (purple flag), 2014

Gold: (Poiema Poetry) (Wipf & Stock Pub), 2013

More (C&R Press), 2010

Line Dance (Word Press), 2008

Radiance (Word Press), 2005

Greatest Hits (Pudding House Press), 2004

Impressionism (Grayson Books), 2004

Paris, folio edition (sometimes y publications), 2002

Ordinary Life (ByLine Press), 2001

The White Poems (Barnwood Publishers), 2001

In the Late Summer Garden (H&H Press), 1998

Obbligato (Linwood Publishing), 1992

The Lost Children (The Heyeck Press), 1989

Starting From Zero (Great Elm Press & Foothills Publishing), 1987

Looking for the Comet Halley (Dawn Valley Press), 1987

Writing Home (Gehry Press), 1983